The Access Israel Organization establishes a global community to share information with this global network and present and discuss best practices and policies on accessibility and inclusion.

We are especially thankful and proud for the amazing partners and the international network we have created together.

This  global network of friends that share the same values and obligation to the cause, working together to make inclusion and accessibility a reality and by this promoting many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at making sure our future leaves no one behind, is priceless.

The ability to reach out to leading organizations, experts, colleagues, commissioners, leaders, tech companies, businesses from all over the world, is very valuable and will help us all reach our common goals.

This network makes us all understand that while we might live in different countries, environments and cultures, we all face the same challenge,  we all have our own biggest minority, namely people with disabilities and the elderly. They are our parents, our siblings, our neighbors, our employees and our friends.

They people are part of us and face challenges due to their disability and aging, but we as a society need to make sure that we don’t burden them with additional challenges stemming from a lack of physical accessibility, lack of information by service providers, lack of accessibility of technologies that are used by us all and most of all, a lack of social inclusion and being treated as equals.

By joining this network and share your best practices, we can all learn from one another and help each other reach our goal – a world without barriers for people with disabilities and the elderly.

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Andreas Johansen

Company/Organization name: Property Management Administration, The City of Gothenburg
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