Access Israel, established in 1999, is the first non-profit organization in Israel whose mission is to promote accessibility and inclusion to improve the quality of life of people with all kinds of disabilities and the elderly in Israel.

Access Israel strives to make Israel a place where people with various disabilities are included into society with dignity, respect, equal rights and maximum independence.

Over 1.6 million people with disabilities live in Israel today (18% of the population. A lack of accessibility prevents them from leading an independent life and makes them feel excluded from society, causing them and their families great suffering.

Therefore, Access Israel makes it an issue to act in all sectors of life, in all geographical areas in Israel with an emphasis on the peripheries, to make Israel more accessible and inclusive for 100% of its population (and guests from abroad).

Over the years, Access Israel succeeded in promoting accessibility and inclusion and give a voice to people with disabilities. Promoting legislation, raising awareness, unique accessibility consulting methods, websites, complaint center, accessibility training, accessibility in education, accessible culture, tourism, and more. Today, we aim at making sure that the future digital era will be accessible and inclusive from day one for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Since its establishment, Access Israel has revolutionized the quality of life and accessibility for hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and elderly in Israel, has become a leading organization worldwide, and a model for making businesses, governmental, academic, and non-profit organizations fully accessible. These achievements result from a wide range of innovative projects, ongoing awareness activities, and improvement of business models aimed at making Israel an accessible place.

One of the insights learned during the COVID-19 crisis, is how much the traditional country borders are blurred, the virus has no limits, and each country is facing similar challenges. Since each country has their own largest minority, people with disabilities and the elderly. we see how every country deals with similar challenges in regards to these population groups, and develops initiatives to overcome these challenges. Some of these initiatives can be applied in other countries that face the same challenges and help them overcome them.

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